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How Do You Properly Insure Your Classic Car?

Insuring a classic car is not different than insuring a modern car, but you must work with a local agent in Texas on your auto insurance policy. Auto insurance for your classic car must take into the account the value of the car, the work that went into your refurbishment of the car and the wear and tear the car endures every year. You drive your classic car differently from your regular cars, and your auto insurance policy must reflect this simple difference.

This article explores small things your auto insurance policy must do for your classic car, and your local agent can help you write the policy properly. Pay a visit to your agent today for assistance, and ensure that your agent is writing your policy with all the special features of your classic car in mind.

#1: Market Value

The market value of your classic car must be used to insure the vehicle. You may tell your agent how much you have been offered for the car, but your agent must research the true value of the car. Your auto insurance policy will be written based on this value, and you may add riders to the policy if you have special parts or craftsmanship on the vehicle.

#2: Comprehensive Coverage

A vehicle of this value requires a comprehensive auto insurance policy. Comprehensive coverage will help tow your vehicle safely, pay for damages at a specialty shop and offer you a rental car when you are waiting for repairs to be completed. You will pay a bit more for a comprehensive auto insurance policy, but your comprehensive policy will be much better for your car. Do not devalue your vehicle by taking out a policy that is simply not valuable enough.

#3: Riders For Special Parts

The custom supercharger cover, engine work, exhaust work, body work and custom interior may be covered with special riders that help pay for the expense of repairs. You may have the capacity to repair these items yourself, but the expense of each repair is quite high. Do not allow yourself to lose money on repairs, and take out a rider on every part of the car that was especially expensive.

Your auto insurance agent must record the value of your custom parts for each rider, and you may show receipts as proof of their value. Documenting the value of every item helps you get the riders you need. Your auto insurance agent will go over the car with you to ask about each part that must be insured. Working with your agent helps you discover parts of the vehicle that may need their own coverage.

Auto insurance in Texas for classic cars is easy to find, but you must work diligently to find the best policy. Contact your agent today for assistance, and ask your agent to write a valuation for your classic vehicle. You may only drive your vehicle a few times a year, but your auto insurance must be active at all times.
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